iFoundry Legacy Continues in AE3

From Kevin Pitts, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

The Illinois Foundry for Innovation in Engineering Education (iFoundry) began in 2007 as a cross-disciplinary curriculum incubator in the College of Engineering. It was created with the goal of transforming the educational experience of our undergraduates in ways that align with the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century – based on the principles of the joy of engineering, learning, and community.

iFoundry has laid the foundation for the renewed focus in AE3 on innovation in engineering education. Through AE3 faculty are now connecting with each other to rise to the challenge of actively engaging an increasingly large and diverse student body in becoming engineers, entrepreneurs, and leaders. And these students launch their education with another iFoundry product: IEFX: The Illinois Engineering First-Year Experience. IEFX builds community, interdisciplinary perspectives, and inspiration for life as an engineer.

Two iFoundry courses are being offered in Spring 2017:

iFoundry’s initiatives have also included:

  • A student Innovation Certificate Program
  • Experimental courses for students to integrate liberal arts and design into their engineering education
  • Multi-institutional partnerships with Olin College and other leading institutions

We are grateful to co-founders Andreas Cangellaris and David Goldberg, as well as Ray Price, Bruce Elliott-Litchfield, Geoffrey Herman, and Karen Hyman – all of whom have provided visionary inspiration and leadership in iFoundry.

For further information about iFoundry, please contact Karen Hyman, iFoundry Associate Director: kkhyman@illinois.edu.

iFoundry Staff

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