All of our policies exist so we can continue to meet the demand for this service at scale. Multiple exams may be occurring in the same session during any given hour.

Content questions will not be relayed during the exam.

Reason: This takes proctors away from watching students. With the large number of exams we are handling this semester, it is unrealistic and inefficient for proctors to be the go-between for students and instructors during exams, especially when there are multiple exams during the same hour. For courses using PrairieLearn, students can use the Report an Issue button. For courses using Gradescope for pencil and paper exams, students can write questions directly on their answer sheets. For all other platforms, students should email their instructor after the exam.

Exams should not be altered while students are taking them.

Reason: Changes made to an exam during the exam can have negative effects for the students.

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