DRES Accommodations

The CBTF recognizes the accommodations identified by the Division of Rehabilitation Education Services (DRES) and does its best to accommodate all students.

Supported accommodations

The CBTF supports the following accommodations:

  • extended time for testing (including breaks)
  • use of a computer for testing
  • a reduced-distraction environment for testing
  • wheelchair-accessible seating
distraction-reduced seating
Distraction-reduced seating

If you have accommodations outside of those listed above, please consult with your access specialist and instructor about your Letter of Academic Accommodations and the best way for you to test.

Enabling DRES accommodations in the CBTF

If you have accommodations identified by the Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) for exams, please bring your Letter of Accommodations to the CBTF during hours of operation OR you can email it directly to the CBTF Coordinator Carleen Sacris at cbtf@illinois.edu.

  • The proctor will update your CBTF profile. This only needs to be done once per semester, and takes effect for all CBTF courses. It is better to do this early, well before your first exam.
  • Profile updates do not affect any previous reservations made, so if you made a reservation BEFORE your profile was updated to reflect your accommodations, you need to change it and make sure that your accommodations show up correctly.

Once you have logged into a computer, a clock is available on the computer desktop if you need to keep track of your time. The proctors will have placed a time tag with your end time at your station as well.

time tag attached to computer number
Time tag

Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed in the CBTF for any reason unless they are specified in your LOA.

In normal situations, food/drink and bathroom trips are not allowed during CBTF exams. Students are encouraged to eat/drink and visit the restroom before their exams. If you are concerned that this might be a problem, speak with the proctors before you check-in. We will try our best to accommodate your needs.

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