Exam Scheduling

Before the semester starts

  • Before the semester starts, CBTF admins will survey instructors about their expected usage in the CBTF for the upcoming semester. This usually takes place through emails and a web poll.
  • Two weeks before the semester starts, CBTF staff review the course requests and start projecting a semester-long schedule of CBTF usage.
  • Some exam requests may be moved or shortened/adjusted to fit in the schedule.
  • Admins try to be as accommodating as possible, with a focus on being consistent within the course schedules and not compromising the capacities of the CBTF.
  • CBTF admins will make the courses’s exam schedule available to them in the scheduler (Courses tab at the top, then click on your course). Instructors will need to confirm the schedule, or request changes.
  • Our intention is to have the date ranges for course exams available for inclusion in the course syllabus (to go along with the syllabus blurb) before the first day of class.

Changing or removing an exam

If an instructor ever needs to cancel or alter an exam schedule, they should contact the admins. It’s preferable to make these changes before the students make reservations for that exam, but we can handle each case as they come in.

Final Exams

Final exams are scheduled independently from the rest of the semester repeating exams. This scheduling typically starts mid-semester, polling the instructors about their final plans.

Final exams in the CBTF are handled much like other exams, but are given a full 3-hour window. Additional rooms on campus may be used in finals.

Extra “late day” scheduling

Although CBTF exams have a planned FirstDay and LastDay in the scheduler,
we encourage instructors to keep their exams available one additional day after the last scheduled day in their exam server, such as PrairieLearn, RELATE, or Lon-Capa. This “late day”, or “late period” is useful for scheduling students who were not able to take the exam during the scheduled period because of technical problems or student error.

Example: TAM 212 Exam 4 runs from Monday to Thursday in the scheduler. Matt has configured the exam in PrairieLearn to be available to students through Friday at 11:59pm.

By setting the exam to run through the late period, the instructor allows the proctors to accommodate any one-off rescheduling for the students without needing instructor interaction.

Because many students sign up for testing on the last day of an exam, any scheduling problems or technical problems during that window make accommodating students difficult. The late day assures we can find seats to allow students to (re)take their exam. See When Things Go Wrong for more info.


  • The “late day” is not visible or advertised to the students in the scheduler. They only see it if a proctor enables it for them.
  • The instructor will not be notified of any students who need to test in this late period.

What you need to do:

  • Keep your exams available to the CBTF systems through the late period.
  • Send students who would need to schedule into the late period to the CBTF proctors. (But your permission isn’t needed.)

What we do:

  • Proctors can delete any missed reservations and enable the student to schedule into the late period.
  • The proctors might be able to seat them immediately for the exam, but the preferred way is for the student to reschedule themselves.

One-off scheduling beyond the late day

If you have a student who needs to take an exam in a completely different period than the scheduled days and late day, please see our information on missed/conflict exams.

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