Computer-Based Testing Facility (CBTF)

The Computer-Based Testing Facility is a service provided by the Grainger College of Engineering in cooperation with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for students to take computer-based assessments in a convenient, safe, and proctored environment.





CBTF Best Practices

Our “DIY” option

The CBTF can provide minimal training to course TAs and let them run all exams for their courses under the supervision of the course instructor, with no supervision from the CBTF or access to the CBTF Scheduler for scheduling. The instructor and/or TA manages all conflicts and DRES accommodations.

This would work well for small courses (under 100 students) and would provide the instructor with a lot of control.

Prospective Faculty

Info for instructors considering the CBTF

Is the CBTF right for your course?

How would you answer the following questions?

  • Is your course meeting in person?
  • Are you using PrairieLearn, Relate, or Lon-Capa to deliver your exams, or would you be willing to use one of these platforms?
  • Are you comfortable letting the CBTF staff take care of all exam logistics for your course, including DRES time extensions and conflict scheduling?
  • Are you amenable to adapting your exams to CBTF standards such as 50-minute exams, limited allowed exam materials, and asynchronous exam delivery?
  • Are you comfortable locking in your exam schedule at the beginning of the semester?

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