The Student Code regarding Academic Integrity applies to all online exams.

Do not:

  • Have someone else in the room with you. If this is impossible, let your proctor know at the beginning of the exam and refrain from talking with other people.
  • Turn your video off on Zoom.
  • Leave the room.
  • Access prohibited sites/applications on your computer.
  • Use your phone/tablet for anything other than running Zoom for proctoring and taking photos of your paper at the end of the exam. You can’t use your phone/tablet to do the exam itself.
  • Use a virtual background.


  • Enter the Zoom meeting at 10 minutes before the start of the exam.
  • Make sure your display name matches your name in the CBTF Scheduler. (We need to know who you are!)
  • Have your paper, writing utensils, and any other course-approved supplies you need within reach.
  • Keep your microphone muted once the exam has begun.
  • Ask the proctor any questions you have. Use private chat on Zoom after testing has started so as not to disturb others.
  • Tell the proctor if you need a restroom break. They will instruct you to leave your workspace and phone as is while you are gone. You cannot get time back for restroom breaks.
  • If you enter the meeting after testing has started, use private chat on Zoom so as not to disturb others.
  • Stop working when time is called.
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