Student Experience

The “My Schedule” page in the scheduler is the main page on login. It is the “student view” for all users, including course staff. It’s your view as a student in the scheduler.

To view the course-staff views into the scheduler, use the pages under the Courses tab at the top menu.

Instructors can register for their course as a student to see the experience their students are getting (notification emails, reservation interfaces, etc.) Sometimes the roster matching automatically places the instructor as a student in the CBTF course.

To add yourself as a student to your CBTF course:

  • Click the “Add a class” button in the Registrations area of the My Schedule page. Course staff can always add themselves as provisional registrations to the course.

To remove yourself as a student from your CBTF course:

  • Click on the (X) icon on the right of your course name in the Registrations area of the My Schedule page.
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