How do students sign up for exams?

Students can schedule their exams 2 weeks before the start of the exams.

Send your students to http://cbtf.engr.illinois.edu/sched to make their exam reservations.

On the day of the exam, they must log in to the CBTF Scheduler and click on the green “Check In” button. This button will be available 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after the start of the exam.

How does online proctoring work?

Students will join a Zoom meeting through a phone or tablet and access their exam using their laptops.

What are the main functions of CBTF Online proctors?

  • Proctors will verify student identities.
  • If students have questions, technical difficulties, etc., proctors are there to help troubleshoot and alert instructors about incidents if needed.
  • Proctors enforce CBTF policies for academic integrity. They observe, correct, and record suspicious and non-compliant behavior. Blatant infractions and patterns of these behaviors will be submitted as FAIR pre-cases.

If students are using their phones for Zoom, then what happens if they…

…have a question?

Students are instructed to ask their question in a private Zoom chat with the proctor.

…are ready to scan their answer sheets?

Students can scan/upload/submit their answers whenever they are ready. This may cause their video to freeze, but will not remove them from the Zoom meeting. Proctors will be available if they need help.

Will my TAs help with proctoring? Can we join the Zoom meeting with our students?

Our policy is that course staff are not allowed in the proctoring Zoom meetings because multiple courses are testing at the same time, and that we don’t offer exam content based support. This minimizes the interruptions and maintains equity across all of the test takers.

Course staff are invited to the #cbtf-help chat channel on our PrairieLearn slack for support anytime, but also for real-time communication with the proctors during the exams.

We may ask course TAs for help proctoring final exams, depending on final exam scheduling.

Can I see what emails or Scheduler interfaces my students are getting from the CBTF?

Yes. See the Student Experience page for more instructions.

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