Exam Materials

Students are told:

Clear your desk of any disallowed materials. You may have loose-leaf scratch paper and writing utensils (pens, pencils, erasers, etc.)

That defines the base environment and materials allowed.

Instructors can specify the rules for additional materials in the exam, such as calculators, formula sheets, and additional software and websites. These options can be configured in the CBTF exam “Student instructions” tab:

The options selected update the student instructions displayed for the exam.


A student may use a tablet device as their Zoom proctoring device (as an alternative to their phone), or for accessing their exam (as an alternative to a laptop).

Students may not digitally ink their exam response or scratch paper with a tablet. They must use pencil/pen and paper for these tasks. This is fairer to all students (access to resources) and easier to protect against potential academic integrity misbehavior with the tablet. This practice is consistent with in-person testing, like in a lecture hall.


If calculators are allowed, the proctors have no control what kind or brand the student has access to.

The proctor is unable to support or enforce any activities with the students’ calculators.

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