Funding Opportunities

Strategic Instructional Innovations Program 2015

  • Informational meeting: Friday February 20, 10am, 212 Engineering Hall. Details here.
  • Pre-proposal deadline: Monday March 9
  • Proposal deadline: Mid-May
  • Full RFP

This year’s SIIP (Strategic Instructional Innovations Program) invites projects from groups of faculty to enhance undergraduate education, such as: project-based learning, embedding computation and data analysis within existing learning experiences, supporting the success of women and international students, integrating online and on-campus learning experiences, and producing innovations in infrastructure and technology. Projects may focus on a single course or group of courses, and cross-departmental and multi-disciplinary efforts are encouraged.

Grants for the Advancement of Teaching in Engineering 2015

GATE (Grants for the Advancement of Teaching in Engineering) supports initiatives that enhance instruction and student learning at the course level. These smaller-scale grants primarily support projects with a direct impact in the classroom; initiatives that strive to enhance the general culture of teaching and learning will also be considered.

For further information, contact Laura Hahn, Director, AE3:

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