For Students

Student Consultants on Teaching (SCOTS)




  • All times of the day or evening (whenever classes are taught)


  • UI classrooms on campus


  • To provide faculty members with feedback that helps them gain a better sense of the student experience in their classes
  • To foster closer relationships between faculty and students through the unique interactions of Student Consultants on Teaching
  • To allow students to reflect on teaching and learning in a more “scientific” manner (than they could as an enrolled student in a class)
  • To improve the quality of education in Engineering at Illinois


“The SCOT Program helped me to humanize my professors. As students, when you are just being lectured at, you tend to view your professors as a kind of all-knowing figure that you cannot reach. Now I feel more willing to approach my own professors because I know they are people too.”

“Speaking to lecturers after the observation was the best part because the professor was very open, and we engaged in deep discussion. I felt this helped the professor understand his teaching and me to understand professors.”

“I was able to see ‘the other side’ of teaching. And I could see how small suggestions could make a large impact on instructors’ classes.”


For more information, contact Chris Migotsky, Coordinator of Faculty Teaching Programs:

Students in electrical and computer engineering class.

Students in electrical and computer engineering class.

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