Instructor Resources

New Instructor Start-up Guide

Here is a one-pager summarizing college and campus resources.

What’s on your Syllabus?

Here is a list of information and topics to include in your class syllabus.

Consultations on Teaching

AE3 staff are available to faculty in the College of Engineering who want to discuss and get feedback on anything related to instruction: syllabus, active learning strategies, classroom dynamics, course development, etc. Contact Chris Migotsky or Laura Hahn.

Instructional Technology

Engineering IT Services offers support for learning management systems, lecture capture, and more.

Support for i-clickers is here.

The campus has a license for CATME, a web-based tool for managing student teams. A user’s manual is here.

For information about the computer-based testing facility, contact David Mussulman.

For information about PrairieLearn (online, adaptive system for problem-driven learning), contact Matt West.

Academic Integrity

For a quick overview of academic integrity policies at Illinois, visit this link. The College of Engineering uses FAIR (Faculty Academic Integrity Report) for handling charges of academic integrity.

Teaching Large Classes

Computer science senior lecturer Lawrence Angrave gives advice to anyone teaching a large class, including a reminder that their classroom isn’t very far off Broadway, after all.

The Science of Teaching: Practical Applications for the Classroom

Physics professor Jose Mestre describes four teaching strategies validated by educational research: collaborative tests, interleaved versus blocked practice, distributed versus massed practice, and learning from worked examples.

Journals on STEM Education & Related Topics

Links to journals on engineering education, science education, and higher education

Past AE3 Events and Activities

Check out ideas related to improving engineering education by visiting our events and activities page where you’ll find an archive of slides and videos. The Lightning Symposium has a link to ten 2-minute ideas that work!

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