Education Innovation Fellows (EIFs)

EIFs have a connecting role in the College: They interact with AE3 staff, departmental colleagues, and others across the College involved in educational innovation to share and unify educational efforts. They also have an innovating role: They identify and pursue new pathways, helping to pave the way for educational change.

“Being an Education Innovation Fellow and working with AE3 has connected me to a network of faculty and staff members in the Grainger College of Engineering who are driven to improve education for students. Everyone involved is focused on practical outcomes for students.”
– Dallas Trinkle, Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

The Rose Education Innovation Fellow recognizes an EIF with exemplary contributions to AE3. The EIF for this named position is designated by the Director of AE3 in consultation with the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs.

2020-21 AE3 Education Innovation Fellows

Yuting Chen
Yuting Chen
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Molly Goldstein
Molly Goldstein
Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering
Marcia Pool
Marcia Pool, Rose Education Innovation Fellow

Matt West
Faculty Coordinator for Education Innovation
Mechanical Science and Engineering

John Popovics
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Jeff Erickson
Computer Science
Chris Schmitz
Chris Schmitz
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tim Seltzer
Tim Stelzer
Craig Zilles
Craig Zilles
Computer Science

Past Education Innovation Fellows

Jeff Roesler
Civil and Environmental Engineering (2018-2020)

Elif Ertekin
Mechanical Science and Engineering (2018-2020)

Timothy Bretl, Rose EIF
Aerospace Engineering

Scott Carney, Rose EIF
Electrical and Computer Engineering (2015-2017)

Jennifer Amos
Bioengineering (2015-2018)

Brian Bailey
Computer Science (2015-2018)

Rohit Bhargava

Larry Fahnestock
Civil and Environmental
Engineering (2013-2014)

Cinda Heeren
Computer Science

Jonathan Makela
Electrical and Computer Engineering (2017)

Jose Mestre
Physics (2013-2015)

Luke Olson
Computer Science

Dallas Trinkle
Materials Science and Engineering (2014-2017)
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