PrairieLearn: An Adaptive Online System for Mastery Learning
Watch Prof. Matt West as he introduces PrairieLearn at the "Toward an Illinois Learning Sciences Design Laboratory: A Lightning Symposium" event.
PrairieLearn: Mastery-based Online Problem Solving with Adaptive Scoring and Recommendations Driven by Machine Learning
To incorporate both mastery learning and spaced-repetition concepts into online homeworks, the PrairieLearn web-based homework system was developed. This system simultaneously models both student ability and question difficulty and guides students by adaptively awarding students different numbers of points to each question (positive for corrects answers, negative for incorrect answers.)
PrairieLearn: Getting Started
PrairieLearn is an online problem-driven learning system for creating homeworks and tests. It allows questions to be written using arbitrary HTML/JavaScript, thus enabling very powerful questions that can randomize and autograde themselves, and can access client- and server-side libraries to handle tasks such as graphical drawing, symbolic algebra, and student code compilation and execution.
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