Choosing the CBTF

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Is the CBTF right for your course?

How would you answer the following questions?

  • Are you using PrairieLearn or Gradescope to deliver your exams?
  • Are you comfortable letting the CBTF staff take care of all exam logistics for your course, including DRES time extensions and conflict scheduling?
  • Are you amenable to adapting your exams to CBTF standards such as 50-minute exams and limited allowed exam materials?
  • Are you comfortable locking in your exam schedule at the beginning of the semester?

If you answered “yes”

Answering YES to all these questions is a good sign that the CBTF may be the right fit for you. For a more comprehensive list of what the CBTF does and does not support, refer to our policies.

To find out more about getting started with the CBTF, contact Dave Mussulman.

New and current users are welcome to a weekly CBTF/PrairieLearn “knitting circle,” where faculty users come together to work on test items in an open-office-hour format. Contact Tim Bretl.

If you answered “no”

Answering NO to one or more of these questions may mean proctoring your own exams is a better option for you. We have a “DIY” service called CBTF Online Best Practices in which we share resources and recommendations for online proctoring based on our experience. You can access all of this, including the workshop recording, in our shared Box folder.

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