Information for Faculty

Is the CBTF right for your course?

Which of these statements are true for you? 

  • I am using PrairieLearn/Gradescope to deliver my exam.
  • I am very comfortable letting the CBTF staff take care of all exam logistics for my course, including DRES time extensions and conflict exam scheduling.
  • I understand that my course staff is in charge of exam creation and delivery.
  • I understand that I need to lock-in my exam schedule with the CBTF at the beginning of the semester.

Answering YES to all these questions is a good sign that the CBTF may be the right fit for you. A more comprehensive list of what the CBTF does and does not support can be found on the CBTF website.

To find out more about getting started with the CBTF, contact Dave Mussulman.

New and current users are welcome to a weekly CBTF/PraririeLearn “knitting circle,” where faculty users come together to work on test items in an open-office-hour format. Contact Tim Bretl.

Courses and instructors using the CBTF, 2018-2019

Courses using the CBTFLMS used Instructors
AE 353: Aerospace Control SystemsPrairieLearnTim Bretl
AE 483: UAV Navigation and ControlPrairieLearnGrace Gao
CHEM 104: General Chemistry IILon-CapaJose Andino
CHEM 104: General Chemistry IIPrairieLearnChristian Ray
CS 101: Intro Computing: Engineering & ScienceRelateNeal Davis
CS 125: Introduction to Computer SciencePrairieLearnGeoffrey Challen
CS 225: Data StructuresPrairieLearnCraig Zilles
Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider
CS 233: Computer ArchitecturePrairieLearnGeoffrey Herman
Craig Zilles
CS 241: System ProgrammingPrairieLearnLawrence Angrave
CS 357: Numerical Methods IPrairieLearnMariana Silva
CS 411: Database SystemsPrairieLearnAmin Javari
CS 418: Interactive Computer GraphicsPrairieLearnEric Shaffer
CS 421: Programming Languages & CompilersPrairieLearnA Mattox Beckman
CS 450: Numerical AnalysisRelateAndreas Kloeckner
Eric Shaffer
CS 498VR: Virtual Reality PrairieLearnEric Shaffer
ECE 110: Introduction to ElectronicsPrairieLearnChristopher Schmitz
ECE 220: Computer Systems & ProgrammingPrairieLearnYuting Chen
ESPL: Safety Exams for Engineering Student Projects LabPrairieLearnBruce Flachsbart
ME 270: Design for Manufacturability PrairieLearnBruce Flachsbart
MSE 206: Mechanics for MatSEPrairieLearnJessica Anne Krogstad
MSE 304: Electronic Properties of MaterialsPrairieLearnAndre Schleife
PHYS 100: Thinking About PhysicsPrairieLearnMorten Lundsgaard
PHYS 101: College Physics, MechanicsPrairieLearnElaine Schulte
PHYS 102: College Physics, Electricity & MagnetismPrairieLearnElaine Schulte
PHYS 211: MechanicsPrairieLearnTim Stelzer
PHYS 212: Electricity & MagnetismPrairieLearnTim Stelzer
STAT 199: Data Science DiscoveryPrairieLearnWade Fagen-Ulmschneider
STAT 385: Statistics of Programming MethodsPrairieLearnJames Balamuta
STAT 430: Data Science Programming MethodsPrairieLearnDirk Eddelbuettel
STAT 448: Advanced Data AnalysisPrairieLearnChristopher Kinson
TAM 210/211: Intro to Statics/StaticsPrairieLearnWayne Chang
TAM 212: Introduction to DynamicsPrairieLearnMatt West
TAM 251: Introductory Solid MechanicsPrairieLearnBrian Mercer
TAM 470: Computational MechanicsPrairieLearnPaul Fischer

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