AE3 Spring 2019 Distinguished Lecture

The Art, Craft, and Practice of Teaching…

Dr. Cinda Heeren
University of British Columbia

Tuesday March 26 | 4:00-5:00pm
2310 Everitt Lab



In this talk we will examine how the interplay between student wellness, student belonging, and student learning shapes the policies and pedagogy we deploy in our classrooms. Based upon known results about student anxiety in an active learning classroom (Brownell, 2018), and early indications from our own current work, our discussion will center on shaping future investigations into these matters. Finally, we will explore practical approaches to the integration of modern science and engineering pedagogy into a teaching practice which is personal, inclusive, and sustainable.

Cinda Heeren is a Senior Instructor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia, and former Teaching Professor at the University of Illinois, where she received her PhD in 2004. While at Illinois, she was active in AE3, serving as an Engineering Innovation Fellow, and helping to initiate the Teaching Professionals Program community. Cinda continues to be a vocal advocate for women in computing through outreach, program development, and undergraduate community-building.

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