2022 AE3 Celebration of Teaching

Academy for Excellence in Engineering Education (AE3)

Celebration of Teaching

April 15, 2022
1pm-3pm CIF Auditorium (0027/1025)


Welcome and Introduction

Jay Mann, Director AE3


Philippe Geubelle, Executive Associate Dean

Introduction of Featured Speaker

Blake Johnson, Entrepreneurial Mindset Fellow


Dr. Charles (Chuck) L. Tucker, III
Former Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Innovation
Research Professor; Alexander D. Rankin, Professor Emeritus

Collins Scholar Reflections and Recognition

Chris Migotsky, Faculty Teaching Programs Coordinator
Jay Mann, Director AE3
Saugata Ghose, Asst. Professor, Computer Science
Keilin Jahnke, Teaching Asst. Professor, TEC

Celebrating Excellence in Engineering Education

Jay Mann, Director AE3

SIIP Poster Session

Dr. Charles “Chuck” Tucker, III

Charles Tucker joined the faculty of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1978 as an assistant professor and retired in 2017 as the Alexander Rankin Professor of Mechanical Science and Engineering. He was named 39 times to the campus List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students, and he received the Campus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, the Campus Award for Excellence in Advising Undergraduate Students, and the Everitt Award for Teaching Excellence from the Grainger College of Engineering.

Professor Tucker served as the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs of the Grainger College of Engineering from 2008 to 2013. During that time, he oversaw a 34% increase in undergraduate engineering enrollment, increased student diversity, and launched college-wide educational initiatives including the Strategic Instructional
Initiatives Program (SIIP), the Engineering Visionary Scholars program, and the Center for Academic Resources in Engineering (CARE). He was named an honorary Knight of St. Patrick by engineering students in 2009.

From 2013 to 2017, Dr. Tucker was the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Innovation for the university. In that role he helped grow undergraduate enrollments campus-wide, improved student diversity, increased need-based financial aid, formed the campus Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, helped develop campuswide learning outcomes, and launched the four-week online Winter Session.

Dr. Tucker is active in high performance driver education, as both an in-car and classroom instructor. He has helped train instructors for the Porsche Club of America, the BMW Car Club of America, and the Motorsport Safety Foundation, and is the coeditor of The HPDE Curriculum Guide.

Collins Scholar Graduates 2021-2022

Katie Ansell (Physics)
Eshwar Chandrasekaran (CS)
Marie Agathe Charpagne (MatSE)
Yun-Sheng Chen (ECE)
Camille Cobb (CS)
Caroline Cvetkovic (BioE)
Siegfried Eggl (AE)
Joachim Floess (ChBE)
Nathan Gabrielson (MatSE)
Saugata Ghose (CS)
Jorge Guzman (ABE)
Hannah Horowitz (CEE)
Keilin Jahnke (TEC/ILEE)

Mohammed Kamruzzaman (ABE)
Laurie Leonelli (ABE)
Megan Matthews (CEE)
Charith Mendis (CS)
Alexander Mironenko (ChBE)
Marco Morales (CS)
R. Mohan Sankaran (NPRE)
Victoria Shao (ECE)
Jean-Charles Stinville (MatSE)
Alireza Talebpour (CEE)
Deepak Vasisht (CS)
Robyn Woollands (AE)

Education Innovation Fellows and Entrepreneurial Mindset Fellows

Joe Bradley (BioE)*
Yuting Chen (ECE)
Molly Goldstein (ISE)
Blake Johnson (MechSE)*
Marci Pool (BioE)

John Popovics (CEE)
Andre Schleife (MatSE)
Mariana Silva (CS)
Tim Stelzer (Physics)
Matt West (MechSE)

Student Consultants on Teaching (SCOTs)

Prith Balaji (CS)
Joe Mirabelli (EDUC)
Taha Unakitan (ISE)

Teaching Professionals Program (TPro2)

Karin Jensen (BioE)
Wayne Chang (MechSE)


Jenny Amos (BioE)
Lawrence Angrave (CS)
Rashid Bashir (Eng. Admin)
Mattox Beckman (CS)
Yuting Chen (ECE)
Molly Goldstein (ISE)

Holly Golecki (BioE)
Blake Johnson (MechSE)
Hongye Liu (CS)
Jonathan Makela (Eng. Admin)
Dave Mussulman (ENGR-IT)
Rebecca Reck (BioE)
Chrysafis Vogiatzis (ISE)

Lightning Symposia Presenters

Jared Bronski (Math)
Liia Butler (CS)
Jer-Chin (Luke) Chuang (Math)
Jacob Henschen (CEE)
Keilin Jahnke (TEC)
Eileen Johnson (BioE)
Sotiria Koloutsou-Vakakis

Leon Liebenberg (MechSE)
Chandrasekhar Radhakrishnan (ECE)
Robin Rajarathinam (Education)
Mariana Silva (CS)
Antonia Statt (MatSE)
Chris Tessum (CEE)
Chrysafis Vogiatzis (ISE)

Student/Alumni Panels

Steven Bellefontaine (MechSE)
Asif Bhatti (BioE alumnus, America’s
Frontier Fund)
Jack Lawrence (CEE)
Lily Mini (ISE)

Felix Abo Mrar (AE)
Alison Nunes (MatSE)
Ege Onal: (BioE)
Ifesi Onubogu (ECE)
Caleb Trotter (MechSE)

Collins Scholar Seminar Presenters:

Jenny Amos (BioE)
Lucas Anderson (CITL)
Lawrence Angrave (CS)
Tim Bretl (AE)
Geoffrey Challen (CS)
Jennifer Cromley (Education)
Robin De Lara (MatSE)
Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider (CS)
Priya Kumar (BioE)
Sonali Kumar (MechSE
Hongye Liu (CS)
Michael Loui (ECE)
Kevin Lyvers (ECE)
Brian Mercer (MechSE)
Dave Mussulman (ENGR-IT)

Gretchen Forman (Eng. Admin)
Juve George (Counseling Center)
Philippe Geubelle (Eng. Admin)
Salah Issa (ABE)
Anthony Jacobi (MechSE)
Keilin Jahnke (TEC)
Emad Jassim (Engineering Admin)
Blake Johnson (MechSE)
Rebecca Reck (BioE)
Elyse Rosenbaum (ECE)
Shelly Schmidt (FSHN)
Mariana Silva (CS)
Dana Tempel (Eng. Admin)
Matt West (MechSE)
Rebecca Wiltfong (Physics)

Collins Scholar Co-Observers

Prith Balaji (CS)
Mattox Beckman (CS)
Pascal Bellon (MatSE)
Yuting Chen (ECE)
Ramez Hajj (CEE)
Jacob Henschen (CEE)
Blake Johnson (MechSE)
Tasha Mamaril (Eng. Admin)

Joe Mirabelli (EDUC)
Melkior Ornik (AE)
John Popovics (CEE)
Rebecca Reck (BIOE)
Brad Solomon (CS)
Chuck Tucker (MechSE)
Taha Unakita (ISE)

Campus/College Awards & Recognition

Kenneth Schweizer (MatSE)–2022 Excellence in Graduate & Professional Teaching
Joseph Barich (ISE)–2022 Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
Emilia Cofell (MatSE)–2022 Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching


Francesco Panerai (AE)–2022 Everitt Teaching Award for Teaching Excellence
Phillip Ansell (AE)–2022 Grainger College of Engineering Teaching Excellence Award
Daniel Bodony (AE)–2022 Rose Award for Teaching Excellence
Mariana Silva (CS)–2022 Rose Award for Teaching Excellence

Strategic Instructional Innovations Program (SIIP) Project Descriptions:

All current projects are described HERE.

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