2016-17 SIIP Projects

2016-17 Strategic Instructional Innovations Program
College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Implementation & Exploration Track

Nurturing Design Thinking in Engineering Courses
This team is developing multidisciplinary activities that engage students from Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, and Art & Design in design thinking and the studio critique method.
Sam Tawfick (MechSE), Brian Bailey (CS), Eric Benson (Art & Design). Liaison: Luke Olson

Just-in-Time Presentation Skills for Senior Design
Graduate students in the Communications department run clinics for senior design students in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Agricultural and Biological Engineering.
P. Scott Carney & Jonathan Makela (ECE), Grace Giorgio & Ann Bryan (Communications), Steve Zahos (ABE), Kelly Cross (AE3). Liaison: Tim Bretl

Introducing Computational Methods into the Physics Curriculum
This project aims to develop a sequence of courses that integrate computational methods into the curriculum so that students are equipped to solve physics problems that cannot be solved analytically.
George Gollin, Jon Thaler (Physics). Liaison: Luke Olson

A Project-Based Introduction to Aerospace Engineering
This project is the beginning of an effort to implement project-based learning and student portfolios across the curriculum. Initial changes are in AE100 (Introduction to Aerospace Engineering).
Brian Woodard, Tim Bretl, Phillip Ansell, Vicki Coverstone, Steve D’Urso, Laura Gerhold. Liaison: Scott Carney

Creativity, Innovation, and Vision: Online course development
This team is creating modules and materials for an online course on creativity.
Bruce Elliott-Litchfield, Esteban Gast, Keilin Deahl, Marianne Alleyne. Liaison: Scott Carney

Optimizing Collaborative Team Formation and Learning of Team Skills in Project-Based Engineering Courses
The vision of this project is to integrate, study, sustain, and champion the use of a criterion-based algorithmic method for organizing students into effective teams in large project-based engineering courses. The CATME software tool will provide the team formation testbed.
Brian Bailey, Darko Marinov, Tao Xie, Ranjitha Kumar, Wai-Tat Fu, Karrie Karahalios. Liaison: Luke Olson

Adaptive Learning (PrairieLearn)
This project aims to project an Algorithmic Adaptive Learning (AAL) system. This in a computer-mediated learning environment that adapts to a student’s performance, giving weaker students the support they need while challenging stronger students with engaging material at an appropriate level.
Matt West, Geir Dullerud, Wade Fagen, Sewoong Oh, and Craig Zilles. Liaison: Luke Olson

Computer-based Testing Facility (CS)
This project is focused on designing and implementing a computerized testing facility to improve the quality of assessment in large courses. Infrastructure includes web-based exam sign-up, random student seat assignment, icard scanning proctor station, PrairieLearn compatibility, and automatic grading.
Craig Zilles, Brian Bailey, Wade Fagen, Bill Chapman. Liaison: Dallas Trinkle

Improving Students’ Learning and Experience in ECE 110 and ECE 120
This project focuses on re-designing methods and materials for a large, introductory ECE class. The team will execute research-based instructional strategies to develop a community of instructors who agree on the metrics and goals of the course. Through this course revision, the project aims to excite students about the breadth and scope of ECE.
Chris Schmitz, David Varodayan, Serge Minin, Lynford Goddard, Michael Loui, Erhan Kudeki, Patricia Franke, Hyungsoo Choi, Geoffrey Herman. Liaison: Cinda Heeren

MatSE Curriculum Reform
This project aims to reform the Material Science and Engineering undergraduate curriculum by integrating computational materials modeling in sophomore and junior-level core courses, by developing a capstone senior materials modeling elective, and by recording and disseminating course content online.
Dallas R. Trinkle, Andrew Ferguson, Cecília Leal, André Schleife, Kris Kilian, Shen Dillon, Jessica Krogstad, Pascal Bellon, Robert Maass. Liaison: Tim Bretl

iDesign: Integrated MechSE Design Curriculum
This project aims to encompass and integrate MechSE design courses for freshmen through seniors. The objectives are to: (1) Produce engineers with competitive design skills, (2) Increase student/faculty interaction, (3) Increase student satisfaction with design courses, (4) Enlarge the pool of faculty willing and able to teach design, and (5) Facilitate ABET accreditation for design classes.
Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler, Steven Downing, Alison Dunn, Bruce Flachsbart, Emad Jassim, Blake Johnson, Seok Kim, Ralf Moller, Hae-Won Park, Michael Philpott, Sam Tawfick, Aimy Wissa. Liaison: Jenny Amos

(BioE Cancer Scholars) Challenge-inspired Learning: A Flipped Apprenticeship Model for Education
In this project, cohorts of undergraduate student scholars complete activities centered on cancer research to stimulate purpose-inspired learning. The scholars’ activities include taking classes, meeting with a faculty mentor, conducting research, and participating in clinical immersion.
Rohit Bhargava, P. Scott Carney, Andrew Smith, Dipanjan Pan, Marcia Pool. Liaison: Brian Bailey

TAM 210/211/212/251
This project focuses on the gateway theoretical and applied mechanics classes, which serve approximately 2500 student-enrollments per year. This project has applied state-of-the-art pedagogical and technology solutions to improve student engagement and enthusiasm.
Matt West, Geir Dullerud, Elif Ertekin, Randy Ewoldt, Blake Johnson, Mariana Kersh, Mariana Silva, Dan Tortorelli, Gabe Juarez. Liaison: Brian Bailey

Start-Up Track

Developing Instruction in Technical Writing for Freshman Engineering Students
P. Scott Carney (ECE), Lance Cooper (Physics), Celia Elliott (Physics), Karin Jensen, Yanfen Li, Marcia Pool, Andrew Smith (BioE), Athena Lin (MatSE), Kelly Ritter (English). Liaison: Dallas Trinkle

Improving the Writing Skills of Undergraduate Students: Identifying Common Challenges and Scalable Solutions
Julie Zilles, John Popovics (CEE), Celia Elliott (Physics), Paul Prior and Nicole Turnipseed (Center for Writing Studies). Liaison: Jenny Amos

Teaching Assistant Training: Engineering Leadership Initiative for Teaching Enhancement (ELITE)
Yuting Chen (ECE), Matthew Goodman (MatSE), Blake Johnson (MechSE), Lucas Anderson (Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, Chris Migotsky (AE3). Liaison: Dallas Trinkle

Developing Intervention Methods that Improve Visuospatial Skills of Engineering Students
Wai-Tat Fu, Helen Wauck, Yi-Chieh Li (CS), Jim Leake (ISE), Brian Woodard (AeroE), Angie Wolters (Women in Engineering). Liaison: Geoffrey Herman


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