Strategic Instructional Innovations Program (SIIP)

SIIP competitively awards education-innovation grants to faculty teams using a model similar to research-grant funding. The motivating vision for education innovation is to teach like we do research, meaning that teaching can and should involve collaboration, creativity, excitement, measurement, perseverance, and continual improvement, as do high-quality research programs at Illinois.  Now in its fourth year, SIIP has achieved marked success by bringing aspects of Illinois’ outstanding research culture to teaching, including an engaged community, collaborative projects, faculty-led innovation, rigorous evaluation, and a scholarly approach to pedagogical methods.

The 2016-17 RFP is here. This year’s program has been modified and now involves two distinct project tracks, merging the GATE and SIIP programs. This year, particular emphasis will be placed on projects that involve collaboration with faculty across campus, as well as projects that address cross-college/cross-campus curriculum possibilities for the new Campus Design Center.
2015-2016 SIIP Projects

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